New virtual workflow for simulating pressure controlled valves

In lots of technical components are valves and contribute mostly more or less to the safe and efficient operation of machines where they are installed in. Due to the simplicity of their construction, low construction costs and the robustness of the system, there are a number of application areas such as valves for compressors in trucks or cars, compressors for air and gas, valves for controlling the aspirated air mass of 2-stroke internal combustion engines to fully hermetic compressors in micro fridges.
While the valve is simple in construction, the interpretation and prediction of the valve dynamics is very complex thereby estimating the occurring losses is difficult. High-performance computing systems and numerical simulations enabled 3-dimensional simulations, which depict the valve dynamics it in the recent years.

Due to the complex geometric and gas dynamic processes, it was not yet possible to eliminate the restrictions on the scope and therefore until now limited for industrial applications.Due to SES-Tec’s specially developed numerical methods and virtual workflows it is now possible to use this also in the industrial sector. This has the following advantages for our customers:

  • lower cycle times
  • quality assurance of results
  • projections of real geometries (hardly necessary simplifications

In addition, their own models for the consideration of special effects were implanted (such as adhesive forces, influence of electromagnetic forces, preload forces etc.). Through an almost completely automated workflow it is possible that the simulation environment can be used by non-experienced users, thereby a cost advantage for the customer could be generated. Furthermore, you benefit by better products due to an improved process understanding.

Image, Brannan