In the automotive sector aerodynamic studies contribute a substantial portion to comfort, safety and efficiency. Almost all components of a vehicle, which are in contact with air, water, fuel, exhaust, coolant, lubricating oil or hydraulic fluids can be detected in a flow simulation. Through CFD simulations it is possible to analyze and optimize the design of the vehicle or individual components. Inside a vehicle, it is possible to analyse the cold and hot air flow by flow calculations to create comfort for passengers and at the same time to ensure the ventilation of the windscreen makes a clear view. Furthermore by simulating the engine compartment flow there is the possibility to optimize the fuel and thus simultaneously reduce costs.

The use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in the automotive sector is an ideal complement to conventional trials and tests. Simulations are a fast and efficient tool to drive development forward, among others, in the automotive industry.

We are looking forward to consult you in detail and to inform you about further possibilities of simulations.

In the field of autmotive we are offering the following applications

  • IC-engine simulation
  • acoustic
  • aerodynamic
  • cooling technology
  • waste heat recovery
  • valve simulation